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Отправлено 12 June 2011 - 05:06

Release Information

Artist:         Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford
Title:          Thing Called Love (Incl. Sunny Lax Remix)
Label:          Anjunabeats
Cat. No.:       ANJ-176RD

Tracks:         8
Size:           116.18 MB
Quality:        320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo

Genre:          Trance

Street date:    2011-06-12


1. Thing Called Love (Extended Radio Mix)                             7:01
2. Thing Called Love (Andrew Bayer Remix)                             7:08
3. Thing Called Love (Sunny Lax Remix)                                7:07
4. Thing Called Love (PROFF Remix)                                    7:21
5. Thing Called Love (Arksun Filmscape Mix)                           4:41
6. Thing Called Love (Mike Shiver vs. Matias Lehtola Acoustic Remix)  3:53
7. Thing Called Love (Acapella)                                       2:49
8. Sun & Moon (Marcus Schossow Remix)                                 7:26

                                                 Total Track Time    47:26

Release Notes

The previous Anjunabeats single was ANJ-203D... so it was about time this
song got a release! 
Thanks to our other mates for giving us a sneek preview with their CD
Maxi. More remixes to come though, but this should contain the best ones.
Included is also an acapella version, so that should get a lot of people
busy! Anjunabeats gone bankrupt?

And finally we would like to pay our respects.
Not even a year after the Love Parade tragedy Germany have suffered yet
another loss.
Deep condolences go out to to his family, his friends and not the least
to his other family; The Electronic Dance Music scene.

You will be in our memory forever and your music will still be played
for centuries to come.

Rest in Piece Tillmann Uhrmacher (1967-2011)

"The latest single from their imminent ‘Group Therapy’ album, Above &
Beyond’s ‘Thing Called Love’ follows the widespread success of the
trio’s recent crossover smash ‘Sun & Moon’ – a track playlisted by BBC
Radio 1.

Again featuring the distinctive vocals of Richard Bedford, ‘Thing Called
Love’ is a powerful song-driven anthem that upholds Above & Beyond’s
unique ability to marry innovative electronic grooves with stirring,
thoughtful lyrics that are the antithesis of throwaway club tracks. ??

A huge underground favourite that has already clocked up over 1 million
views on YouTube and touched thousands with its words, ‘Thing Called
Love’ has even acted as the soundtrack to both marriage proposals and
even wedding days of those feeling the force of it’s message the most.
Ironically, though, the lyrics were actually intended to tell the story
of a relationship that never was – a lost love rather than realised."

Скрытый текст



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Отправлено 12 June 2011 - 05:39

О,зашибись,Сан энд Мун от Шуссоу.Ужо качаю! :download:

Рест Ин Пис Тиллманн Урмахер.

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Отправлено 12 June 2011 - 07:42

ремикс Жорика тоже понравился

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Отправлено 12 June 2011 - 09:57

Sun & Moon (Marcus Schossow Remix) :daunface: О! духи! ну и гавно эти ваши нео прогрессиве транце :bad:

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Отправлено 01 September 2011 - 10:58

Оставил только чиллаут версии, остальное херня

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